Monday, April 9, 2007

Are you not entertained?! Are you not entertained?!!

Someone call 911, because A-Rod is jackin’ everything. It’s not like a team can intentionally drill him, because that will only make him angry (and because of the pussification of baseball, might get the pitcher ejected). You see, there is no more tenacious athlete in the history of the game when money is in his sights than Alex Rodriguez. When Alex sees the market, and Alex sees dollar signs, Alex turns on the jets. You don’t get 27 million a year by accident.

This, of course, means nothing to the majority of mouth breathing degenerate Yankee fans who demand yearly championships via coronation. Until he hits six HR’s in seven games in October, Rodriguez’ surge will mean nothing to a masses. Ironically enough, these same fans know as fact that A-Rod is only destined to go leave somewhere else to the Angels, Red Sox, or whoever will pay him top dollar. This is, of course, both irrelevant and nonsense. A-Rod wants to play for a winner, and the Yankees won’t be outbid by other clubs, already have around 30 million of free money to play with, thus making a place in Monument Park for A-Rod a virtual certainty.

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Madness is a common theme of this blog. But what is truly crazy is the refusal of fans to embrace the finest player of a generation because he can’t bequeath onto them the championship they so desire. A-Rod cares, but he shouldn’t. He makes his money, and if the fans really want him gone, he’ll continue to make his money. “Are you not entertained” Yankee fans? Because Alex Rodriguez is shoving it back in the faces of all you haters, and entertaining the masses for at least one more day.


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