Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blowing Snow in the Midwest

It’s not just a euphemism for doing cocaine, it’s also a weather pattern. Last week, all three games between the Tigers and the Indians were postponed due to massive amounts of snow. Snow? In April? In the words of Drew Carey “Global Warming? When the hell are we gonna get some?”

Ahh, Drew. Cleveland does indeed rock. Except in sports.

The solution to all this? Play Cleveland’s next three games in Milwaukee. When you need to move to Wisconsin to avoid the snow, I’m thinking we have some problems. The Angels won the series played there two games to one. This entire episode made me think of two things:

1. Will the MLB finally stop playing games in April in northern states where there are the chances for snow are much greater?

No, nor should they. You need to think macro in baseball. Just like Jon Papelbon getting a five-out save a few days ago doesn’t make him returning to closer any better of an idea, one set of crummy weather patterns in April 2007 should warp a tradition that goes back longer than any of us have been born. Stick with what works.

2. Is cocaine really worse for the game of baseball than steroids?

In terms of corrupting the game, not sliding because you’re afraid to break the crack vial might break is probably worse than becoming a roided up abomination that makes a mockery of the game of baseball. Maybe we can get someone who does skiing on a more regular basis? Winslow? Anyone??