Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Internet Slap Fight!! Winner gets to actually be quiet

Pretty much everyone has commented on the latest Shaughnessy vs. Schilling slap-fight. To anyone who follows the newsreels in the northeast, this comes as a surprise to no one. Schilling doesn’t want to be misquoted by writers with an agenda, and Shaughnessy doesn’t want sports writers to fade into obscurity. In some ways, it’s a lose-lose situation for everyone, which is why it’s so delightful.

Clichéd, but appropriate

Anyway, the most important thing that only one blogger mentioned was that Irish Dan actually acknowledged his nickname and internet persona.

CHB38: What do you say to those media morons who contend that you are a self-important blowhard with an ill-informed opinion about everything and an insatiable need to be worshipped by sheep-like fans and late-night blog boys who live in Ma's basement?”

CHB. CHB!! Dan fucking Shaughnessy just called himself the Curley Haired Boyfriend! Shouldn’t this be a bigger deal? Isn’t this the MSM-blogger link that proves that not only does Irish Dan read the jokes made about him, but his clever nod to them proves that it affects him in some way? I liken this to Iran diplomatically recognizing Israel, except you know, will less expected mustard gas.

Terrorism jokes-- fun for the whole family!

Regardless, this means three things:
1. He doesn’t like the name, which means we should use it incessantly.
2. He likes the name, which means we should come up with a new one. I prefer Nappy Haired Paddy (or NHP).
3. Or this is just another desperate attempt by two intolerable blowhards to foist even more attention on themselves, already spreading the rank virus that is the Boston Sports Media culture?

“Learn to Love the Bomb.” Nuke both of ‘em.

Ht Tip: Pete Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog


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